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Ny kunst til stuen

Ny kunst til stuen

New art for the living room

We wanted some new art for the living room and as the living room is starting to come together we got to the question: “What should we put above the sofa?”.

At the beginning I got stock with the idea of a big photo wall with lots of frames in different sizes with art prints and photo posters in nuances matching the rest of the interior.

Jon wasn’t to fond of the idea and I couldn’t really decide if the photo wall would be a better fit for the dining room.

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A large art piece in a neutral colour

We then agreed that some kind of big art piece in a neutral colour was just what would fit the room. We found inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest etc. and compared our saved inspiration. In the end we agreed on a monochromatic 3D kind of art style.

We wanted some kind of statement piece and decided on a 80×160 centimetres sized canvas. That way the piece would be pretty eye catching despite the white colour.

The finished result

Finally, this weekend the beautiful piece of art for the living room found it’s way up the wall and I can’t even begin to describe how happy we are with how it turned out. It is just as we had imagined and is a perfect fit for our bouclé sofa from Sofacompany as it sort of contrasts the soft shape and texture of the sofa.

Do you like this kind of art? Let me know in the comments or head over to my Instagram @thegrosserts at send me a direct message 🙂

Warm regards Astrid

Remember to feel the present

Artemis was pretty excited about the new art for the living room and assisted me in photographing the final result. She loves to sleep in my lap while I sit in the sofa so she was waiting for me to come join her. She’s such a sleepyhead <3

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